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Paperwrld is the joy as simple living!
Paperwrld is a good way to help you to stop, take a step back and reflect on yourselves: writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.

Paperwrld was born out of unbridled love for stationery and journalism. Our community was born from the opening of a simple page of Instagram where we still share the daily inspiration that over time has led us to create our online store where we have selected the best and irresistible journalism products and make them available to each of you with a click.

Paperwrld is for all those who seek well-being, serenity, and creativity.
Paperwrld is for all lovers of journalism, lettering, stationery, vintage, and for all those who love to organize their lives in a simple, fast but without neglecting style! Paperwrld is also for you who are a student, a worker, or a lover of our products.

Do you also like to be creative in your diary? Here we offer you the complete picture.
Whether it's inspiration, information, materials, or techniques - you've come to the right place!

In our shop, you can browse and choose the product that best meets your needs and tastes. We have selected for you only the best products. We provide all kinds of materials that you can use in your diary. How great it is to be able to order materials directly from us after inspiration or after a workshop!

We spend a lot of time finding beautiful and unique items that are not easily found in normal shops.

All in all, we hope to inspire you to creatively and learn from each other!

Clear your minds, feel free, and be inspired.

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