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20 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Bullet Journal for Halloween

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A Month of Spooktacular Magic

Hey there, fellow journaling and scrapbooking enthusiasts!

It's that time of the year when we can let our spooky creativity run wild. Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to embrace the spirit of the season than by decorating our bullet journals with eerie and enchanting themes? In collaboration with Paperwrld's hauntingly beautiful Halloween collection, we've compiled 20 bewitching ideas to inspire your journaling journey. Don't forget to share your spine-tingling creations with us using the hashtag #paperween for a chance to be featured on our channel.

In this article, we'll guide you through 20 creative ideas to decorate your bullet journal for Halloween, capturing the spirit of this holiday on every page.

Let's dive in!

1. October Cover Page: Your October cover page sets the tone for your Halloween-themed journal. Consider a haunted forest, a spooky graveyard, or a charming pumpkin patch as the backdrop. Add Paperwrld's Halloween collection stickers or washi tape to make it even more captivating.

Take inspiration from @bujo_by_abi, who created a black and white cover with ghostly and the word "October" at the center.

Another October Cover Example is by @oliwia.journal: she has opted for a dark background and incorporated whitish outlined images depicting ghosts, pumpkins, skulls, bats, the moon, and stars. It gives the impression of an eerie starry sky.

Another Idea Comes from @amanitajournals: she, also on a dark background, has chosen to represent pumpkins with different and macabre expressions using muted green, blue, and violet colors.

A Different, Less Macabre but More Autumnal Idea is from @journalbambie: she has portrayed pumpkins of various sizes arranged vertically, appearing to spill out from an envelope.

2. Monthly Calendar: Create a Halloween-inspired monthly calendar with pumpkin motifs, witches' hats, or candy corn borders. Highlight important dates like Halloween parties and pumpkin carving nights.

You can draw inspiration from @journal.away, who crafted a calendar on a black background and depicted a haunted house on the adjacent page using dark and gray tones, creating a hauntingly beautiful scene.

Another delightful example comes from @curiouslycandace, who designed a monthly calendar in vibrant orange hues. Adorned with pumpkin stickers, leaves, crystal balls, and a list of macabre events for the month, it's a perfect representation of Halloween's spirited charm.

Let these creative examples inspire your Halloween-themed monthly calendar, and don't forget to mark those spooktacular dates in style!

3. Habit Tracker: Transform your habit tracker into a spooky scene by drawing a graveyard with tombstones representing your habits. Color in the tombstones as you complete each task, making it a playful way to track your routines.

Let's delve into a unique Halloween-inspired habit tracker idea brought to life by the talented @_byabdo. In this creative tracker, four distinct pumpkins take center stage, each representing a different habit you want to track. This is a fun and visually engaging way to keep yourself accountable while embracing the Halloween spirit.

4. Mood Tracker: Craft a mood tracker with Halloween-themed icons like witches' hats, ghosts, and broomsticks. Color in or decorate these icons based on your daily mood. It's a fun way to reflect on how the season affects your emotions.

We have here some creative and fun mood trackers for inspiration, including one by @moxiedori: she's mood tracker features a bat divided into sections that can be colored based on the mood of the day.


Another unique mood tracker is by @stephanymarieshop: In her mood tracker, she arranges pumpkins in a row, and within each pumpkin, she draws a face that reflects the mood of the day. Each pumpkin essentially becomes a visual representation of how she feels on different days. This creative approach allows her to track her daily moods in a fun and visually engaging way, where the facial expressions on the pumpkins convey her emotions.

Another fantastic mood tracker is from @leftyartlover: Instead of relying on color codes, she use adorable bat doodles to express ther emotions. Each bat is assigned a face that corresponds to her mood for the day. Each bat becomes a charming visual representation of their emotional journey throughout the month.

What a creative and personalized way to track moods! Feel free to take inspiration from this imaginative mood tracker for your own journal. 🦇😊

5. Weekly Calendar: For your weekly calendar, infuse the spirit of Halloween by incorporating elements like spiderwebs, bats, and moon phases. This not only makes your schedule visually appealing but also keeps you in the Halloween mood throughout the month.

Create a spine-chilling weekly planner with the addition of spooky drawings, stickers, or other elements, just like @plan.with.becca. She has crafted a weekly planner adorned with witch-themed stickers and other eerie decorations that are perfect for embracing the Halloween spirit.

6. Bucket List: Make a Halloween bucket list filled with exciting activities such as haunted house visits, costume planning, or attending a fall festival. Decorate the page with Paperwrld's Halloween-themed stickers to make it pop.

Draw inspiration from @tilla_tella_s's spooktacular Halloween bucket list page. Create a hauntingly decorated page featuring a list of all the things to do during the Halloween season. Include items like hosting a Halloween party, baking Halloween cookies, designing your Halloween costume, and more. She has crafted a spine-chillingly delightful Halloween bucket list page. With eerie decorations and a checklist of thrilling activities, it's the perfect way to capture the spirit of the season.

Embrace the Halloween festivities and create your own Halloween bucket list page, adding your unique touch of spookiness to make it truly your own! 🎃👻🍬

7. Halloween Scrapbooking Page: Dedicate a page to commemorate your Halloween adventures. Add photos of your costumes, parties, or pumpkin-carving sessions. Use Paperwrld's Halloween-themed washi tape to frame your memories beautifully.

Taking Inspiration from Halloween-themed Scrapbooking Pages by @journalzjourney and @pages.by.liz: they have crafted some truly fantastic Halloween-themed scrapbooking pages that are sure to ignite your creativity. Let's explore some elements from their pages that you can incorporate into your own spooky scrapbooking projects.

8. Halloween Doodles: Fill your journal with Halloween doodles. Get creative with sketches of jack-o'-lanterns, witches' cauldrons, and black cats. You can even draw little monsters or create a doodle border on your pages.

Let's take inspiration from @fabercastellusa and learn how to create Halloween doodles that include a pumpkin, potion bottle, spiderweb, ghostly candy, and an eerie eye.

9. Scary Movie List: Compile a list of spine-tingling movies you want to watch throughout October. Sketch tiny movie posters or use Paperwrld's Halloween stickers to highlight your favorites. This can serve as a handy reference for your Halloween movie nights.

Create a Halloween movie list page in your journal inspired by @catsplanner. Arrange movie covers on a spooky-themed background, add titles with eerie fonts, and include space for personal notes. Highlight a special Halloween night film and decorate with festive doodles. Enjoy your spooky movie marathon! 🍿🎬👻🎃

10. Shopping List: Keep track of all the things you need for Halloween, from costume accessories to pumpkin spice everything. Decorate your list with candy corn, bats, or spooky shopping bags to give it a festive touch.

11. Recipe Page: Design a dedicated page for Halloween recipes like caramel apples, pumpkin pie, or witch's brew. Include ingredient lists, step-by-step instructions, and space for notes or personal modifications.

12. Costume Ideas: Explore and sketch out costume ideas for yourself and your friends. Add details like color schemes, accessories, and makeup suggestions. This page can be a helpful reference when it's time to choose or create your costumes.

13. Haunted House Tour: If you plan on visiting local haunted houses or attractions, create a page where you sketch out a map or write descriptions of your spooky adventures. Document your feelings and reactions to make it even more immersive.

14. Spooky Quotes: Add eerie or inspirational Halloween quotes to your journal. Choose quotes that resonate with you and reflect the Halloween spirit. Decorate this page with thematic illustrations and Paperwrld's Halloween stickers.

15. Fall Leaves: Incorporate colorful fall leaves into your journal as decorations. You can either press real leaves or draw/paste leaf illustrations throughout your journal for an autumnal touch.

16. Potion Recipes: Create your own fictional potion recipes with spooky ingredients like "Eye of Newt" or "Bat Wing Elixir." Include detailed instructions, ingredients, and illustrations of the potions. It's a playful way to embrace the Halloween theme.

17. Ghost Stories: Write down your favorite ghost stories or create your own spooky tales. Decorate these pages with ghostly illustrations or eerie backgrounds to set the mood for some chilling reading.

18. Tarot Card Readings: Incorporate tarot card readings into your journal. Draw or paste tarot card images and jot down your interpretations or feelings associated with each reading. It's an excellent way to explore your intuition and connect with the mystical side of Halloween.

19. Halloween Playlist: Make a list of your favorite Halloween-themed songs and artists. You can even create a QR code that links to your playlist for easy access. Decorate the page with musical notes, spiders, or other relevant imagery.

20. Gratitude Page: Express gratitude for the season with a Halloween-themed gratitude page. Write down the things you're thankful for in October, whether it's the crisp autumn air, cozy sweaters, or the joy of Halloween festivities. Use Halloween-themed decorations like pumpkins, bats, and witches' hats to make this page uniquely festive.

To make your Halloween journaling and scrapbooking experience even more special, we invite you to explore our collection of Halloween-themed paper, stickers, and washi tape here. You'll find incredible materials to enhance your pages and bring your spooky ideas to life.

Share Your Creativity with Us!

We hope these ideas have inspired you to create a hauntingly beautiful Halloween bullet journal. Now it's your turn to put these ideas into practice and bring your unique Halloween diary to life. We can't wait to see your creations! Share your ideas and thoughts related to this article in the comments below the blog post, and remember to tag us in your Halloween-themed posts using the hashtag #paperween on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You'll have the opportunity to be reshared and share your creativity with a community of journaling and scrapbooking enthusiasts. Happy Halloween and happy journaling!

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