How to Place a Wholesale Order with PaperWrld

Welcome to the PaperWrld family! We're thrilled to hear you're interested in stocking up on our enchanting products in bulk. Here’s a simple guide to kickstart your journey as a PaperWrld retailer:

  1. Sign Up: Just below, you'll find a form ready for you. Please fill it out to register as a PaperWrld retailer. This is your first step into a wider world of stationery wonders!

  2. Approval: Once you've submitted your form, our team will review your application. Approval is just around the corner, and we'll make sure to get your account up and running as quickly as possible.

  3. Wholesale Access: With your account approved, you're all set! You can use our website as normal and get a quote for your wholesale order following the step after the form. Remember you must be logged in for wholesale pricing.

  4. Order Requirements: Please keep in mind, we have a minimum order requirement of €200 for wholesale purchases. Additionally, we ask that you order at least 10 units per product variant. Samples can be added within your order, allowing you to try out our products before making larger commitments.

We can't wait to partner with you and see our products flourish in your space. If you have any questions during the sign-up process or about our wholesale terms, please don't hesitate to reach out. Welcome aboard, and happy ordering!

Want to join our team?

We’re always on the lookout for people who hold a love for stationery to join us here at Paperwrld! Do you dream of being part of a small but super passionate team? We’re interested in:

Illustrators + Designers + Grapich + Content Creator + Social Media Managment Anyone with experience in E-Commerce

If we sound like the perfect fit for you, simply fill in this form, and attach your CV, cover letter and portfolio (if you have one!)

We want to see the best of what you have to offer! To help illustrator + designer + graphic and content creator applications stand out, don’t be afraid to send over any hand-drawn/hand-illustrated artwork or video contect you have created, which you feel might suit Paperwrld.

The more information you can include, the better! Tell us all about why you’re passionate about the role and what would make you a great fit!