Metal & Wood Frame Furnace


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    These little fires make your waxing much easy.
    Use this fire stove to melt and pour the wax.

    SIZE: 7,5cm*3,5cm/ 7,3cm*3,8cm
    MATERIAL: Metal+Wood Frame
    PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 Sealing Wax Furnace, the candle is not included
    STYLE: Stars, Pentagon, Helm, Circle, Spoon

    ➊ Ignite the candle and wait until the flame is stable before pushing the candle carefully into the candle holder. (The flame must not touch the wood. To prevent the spoon from being burned, do not directly touch the flame and the candle to maintain a certain distance.)
    ➋ Put fire paint wax particles in the spoon or cut out a small piece of wax stick to put it in. You can mix two or more colors for better results.
    ➌ Wait until the fire paint wax melts into the wax liquid, pick up the spoon, and drip the wax to the place where it needs to be sealed.
    ➍ Put on the seal and wait for about 10-15 seconds to paint the seal. Take the seal to complete the work

    Create your wax seals with the highest level of clarity.

    Perfectly match our fire stove with lacquers seals spoons our wax, our wax stamps, and our burner wax warmer to seal your envelopes, letters, or add a touch of elegance to your decor.

    NOTE: Spoon, wax, and the candle are not included with the furnace

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