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Discover +20 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Christmas Themed Journal with Paperwrld

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Welcome to Paperwrld: Elevate Your Holiday Journaling Experience!

As the festive season draws near, Paperwrld invites you to immerse yourself in a world of enchanting creativity tailored for journaling and scrapbooking enthusiasts. Transform your journal into a holiday haven with over 20 inspiring ideas using the fantastic products available on Paperwrld.

December Cover Magic

Embark on your holiday journaling journey by personalizing the cover with festive flair. Choose decorated papers, holiday-themed washi tape, and themed stickers for a whimsical touch. If you're artistically inclined, experiment with holiday-colored paints, glittery markers, and festive stamps.

Gain inspiration from @bujowithpau and @livingletterplans for unique cover designs.


December Monthly Planner

Organize your month with a dedicated space for December in your planner. Mark important dates, events, and tasks while embellishing with holiday-themed stickers.

Take inspiration from @thatbujolady or get creative with a creative calendar, like @bujobydani's "gift to unwrap" concept.

December Doodles

Infuse your journal with the spirit of the season by adorning its pages with holiday-themed doodles. Personalize your journal with festive illustrations that capture the essence of the holiday season.

Draw inspiration from @supernovabulletjournal's 31-day doodle challenge or create your cherished doodles throughout December.

Gift Tracker & Present List Brilliance

Keep tabs on your gifts with a dedicated gift tracker section. Ensure you have complete control over all your gifts by utilizing a dedicated gift tracker section. Add a touch of holiday spirit by incorporating holiday-themed drawings or embellishments.

How to Draw Christmas Objects

Add a tutorial page to your journal and learn to draw festive objects.

Draw inspiration from @seed_successful_you and let your creativity run wild with endless possibilities.

December Playlist Symphony

Create a special December playlist and note your favorite songs in your journal. Enhance your journaling experience with a festive background playlist.

Holiday Mood Tracker

Monitor your holiday mood with a festive-themed mood tracker.

Draw inspiration from @plinthced and get creative with symbols and vivid colors to represent your mood.

Winter Christmas Headers Elegance

Introduce new winter headers to your pages using elegant fonts and festive colors for a touch of class.

Pre and Post-Christmas To-Do List 

Organize your holiday activities with special lists, from preparations to relaxation after the big day. Decorate the page with stickers and festive paper.

Christmas Bucket List Adventures

Create a list of holiday activities, the possibilities for holiday activities are endless. Choose your favorites and have fun with family and friends. You could organize a cookie decorating competition, create DIY greeting cards, or take a winter nature walk. Plan a night of festive board games or a Christmas movie marathon. The key is to share special moments and create unforgettable memories during the holiday season.

Advent Calendar Magic

Make the countdown special with a personalized advent calendar in your journal. Create paper windows to unveil daily activities and share the joy with others.

Christmas Countdown Bliss

Mark the days until Christmas with a special countdown. Use stickers, numbers, and festive colors to make each day a small gift.

Wishlist Dreams

Dedicate a page to your holiday hopes and dreams. Use stickers, paper, and decorations to add a festive touch.

December Reflections with Journal Prompts

Reflect on the past year and set goals for the new one with December-themed journal prompts. Also, here are 10 journal prompts to fuel your reflection:

  1. Reflect on your favorite holiday tradition. Why is it special to you?
  2. Describe the most memorable gift you've ever received and why it stands out.
  3. Share a cherished holiday memory from your childhood.
  4. List three things you're grateful for this holiday season.
  5. If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  6. Write a letter to your future self reflecting on the goals you'd like to achieve in the coming year.
  7. Create a "December Bucket List" of activities you want to accomplish before the month ends.
  8. Share a recipe for your favorite holiday treat and describe the memories associated with it.
  9. Write a letter to a loved one, expressing gratitude and recounting special moments shared throughout the year.
  10. Imagine you're a character in a holiday movie. Describe your role and the plot of your festive adventure.

Feel free to incorporate these prompts into your holiday journaling for a reflective touch!

Favorite Christmas Movies List

Create a list of your favorite Christmas movies to watch during the holidays. Decorate the page with movie covers, stickers, and festive paper.

Decorated Page with Christmas Quotes

Add inspiration to your pages with Christmas quotes. Choose phrases that bring joy and positivity. Here are 10 examples:

  1. Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.” – Calvin Coolidge
  2. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” – Buddy the Elf
  3. “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” – Charles M. Schulz
  4. “It's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who's gathered around it.” – Unknown
  5. “The joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays.” – W.C. Jones
  6. “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale
  7. “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!” – Hamilton Wright Mabie
  8. “Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” – Alexander Smith
  9. “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.” – Helen Steiner Rice
  10. “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” – Edna Ferber

Feel free to incorporate these quotes into your holiday journaling for a festive touch!

Festive Scrapbook Adventure

Capture special holiday memories with a festive scrapbook page. Add photos, tickets, and details that make each moment unique.

Festive Dividers Organization

Organize your journal with festive dividers. Choose materials and colors that match the holiday theme.

Family and Friends Holiday Activities

Dedicate a page to special activities with family and friends during the holidays. Whether it's a game night or a Christmas market stroll, note it down in your journal.

  1. Board Game Bonanza:

    • Host a holiday-themed game night with classics like charades and Christmas trivia.
  2. Market Magic:

    • Visit a local Christmas market, indulge in festive treats, and capture the moment with photos.
  3. Ornament Crafting Bash:

    • Have a DIY ornament night with paint, glitter, and creativity flowing.
  4. Cozy Movie Night:

    • Plan a holiday movie marathon with favorite films, blankets, and festive snacks.
  5. Carol Karaoke Joy:

    • Sing your hearts out with a Christmas carol karaoke night.
  6. Baking Frenzy:

    • Gather for a festive baking session, creating sweet treats together.
  7. Outdoor Festive Stroll:

    • Explore holiday-decorated parks and nature trails for a winter walk.
  8. Tree Trimming Party:

    • Deck the halls with a tree decorating party, sharing stories and laughter.
  9. Gift Wrapping Soirée:

    • Turn gift wrapping into a fun gathering, complete with snacks and good company.

Feel free to mix and match these ideas or tailor them to suit the preferences of your family and friends!

Thank you for exploring these +20 creative ideas with us! We hope your holiday journaling becomes extra special. Share your favorite idea in the comments! Tried a December playlist in your journal? What's your go-to Christmas movie? Cherished holiday memory to share? Favorite Christmas quote? December bucket list plans? Tried any family holiday activities? Thoughts on our +20 ideas?

Don't forget to check out Paperwrld's holiday collection for materials.

From the Paperwrld team, we wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday season! 🎄✨

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Annie Shoaf

Annie Shoaf

Great ideas. Unable to use most this year. I’ll save and use next year. My favorite holiday movie is ’The Bishops Wife ’ Happy Holidays to all !

Great ideas. Unable to use most this year. I’ll save and use next year. My favorite holiday movie is ’The Bishops Wife ’ Happy Holidays to all !

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